The Universe inside a Cup of Coffee!

If you were asked to draw a picture of the Sun, which crayon would you pick? Probably, yellow? Or Orange if it was dusk ? Or Red for a torrid day?

But none would pounce on “White – The True Colour of the Sun”!

Fancying Universe to be vivid – and if I put in the picture that its shade goes with that of your morning cup of Coffee, Wouldn’t you find it rib-tickling?

Comparing Moon to Snowman, wouldn’t you deny if I told you it was more like a Thunder-Cloud?

With the millions of galactic wonders our universe offers to us, it normally looks impossibly beautiful! It seems to be brightly coloured but it is actually – Beige!


Following the survey of 200,000 galaxies and the light they emit, scientists have combined all the captured spectra, to produce the colour that they have now adopted – “The Cosmic Latte ”!

The Universe started out Young and Blue, and grew gradually redder as the population of evolved red colossal stars built up. The rate of formation of new stars has declined sharply in the past 6 Billion years due to the drop down of interstellar gases, from which new stars arise.

As this birth rate of stars goes down, more stars evolve from young blue states to red giants, making the universe redder and redder. Eventually all the stars within the universe would burn out and nothing will be left except for black holes. These too will eventually evaporate, and nothing will be left except for the old light, which will itself redden due to the – “Doppler Effect”, as the universe expands FOREVER!


The temperature of any star decides its colour! Scaling from red to white and then blue, where Black Body Radiation occurs and finally ending up with the colour of Cappuccino! Thus evolved the “Big Bang” due to the – Red Shift!

Not born out of the soil, never blossoms when spring melts winters wake but inside of it grows a thousand gardens, full of blazing stars. It is of the earth and whose ashes have been constructed with stardust, and set free with the wind.  It has no pretty face, and doesn’t  hold stories of too many moonless nights alone, it is a  galaxy – “The Milky Way”, holding a million different planets, is no different from the shade of an incandescent light bulb, going by its name, its cast is Milky White!


Grown by Gravity, is our little blue baby, feeding on Hydrogen turned out to be a fiery mammoth!

Round and Round you go unfolding, Hazel green, Lily white, Sapphire blue,  Ruby red, Slate Grey, Deep Orange, Olive Brown or even Aquamarine, are all just shades for you.

But for those fiddling with the Space analytics, to the Astronomer, colours is a whole lot, essentially the only tool for understanding vast tracts of the Universe and glean from it every possible scrap of information.


Shooting into the atmosphere, a medley of Crackers, seeking delight in the  merry of light are we, So is the universe with its SUPERNOVAE , explosion of canopy of stars whose origin mark to Orion Nebula or Eagle Nebula , emitting colours of all wavelength, celebrating its own diva of light!


Absorbing all these clutch of colours are the Herculean Black-Holes at the heart of every graphic galaxy, photocopying a BERMUDA TRIANGLE! Vibrant Colours go in, but aren’t effused out; sketching itself in all shades of black as no light is emitted, thus procuring its name!


Boosting from the Hubble telescope to COSMIC podTEC and IRI, the Universe has been portrayed in a swarm of snapshots, in a fiddly huddle of hue, to finally pinpoint the tint inside a Cup of Caffeine Infusion! The Cosmic Latte- being not the Morning Jolt but the JOLT OF THE COSMOS!


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